Grenite is the world leader in sustainable surfaces, with more than 10 years of research, development, manufacturing and marketing experience.

We offer what no other source can: a complete range of prices, colors, materials, and performance features to match any project’s requirements.

All Grenite surfaces are efficiently made to your order and require a 4-8 week lead time. This allows us to deliver superior quality, and unsurpassed surface materials with recycled content, at prices equal to or better than using virgin sourced material. Factory pre-fabrication of specified components can yield 5 or more pieces for the price of one.

Purpose drives us, at the heart of which is service, to both our customers and our planet


With three multi-certified factory partners in China, and two additional factories coming online and Mexico and Malaysia in 2020, Grenite has the current capacity to produce over 5 million square feet of surfaces per year.